Tips For Preventing Cancer

Prevention of cancer is the best step for formulation  “Prevention is better than cure “, preventing damage does not have to be the case.
Likewise, for cancer, preventing cancer is far better than treating it. To prevent cancer, the necessary knowledge about what are the causes of cancer, so that we can avoid or counteract the probable outbreak of the roots of cancer. The following ten safe tips to prevent cancer.

• routine exercise.
Exercise is a great way to prevent cancer. During the training the body will burn fat and accelerate the metabolism. It will prevent the occurrence of cancer. Not just a sport weight. Gentle exercise like a healthy way or going into the morning run can help prevent cancer.

• Avoid smoking.
Like alcohol, smoking is also a source of many diseases causing no exception for cancer. Abandoning the habit of smoking or trying to get away from people who smoke is an attempt to prevent cancer.

• Avoid foods that are smoked and burned.
Other carcinogenic foods are smoked, burned or pickled. Examples are smoked fish or marinated foods. The foods at risk give rise to cancer. Therefore, to avoid or reduce the frequency of eating these foods has been a necessity to prevent cancer.

• Stay away from alcohol.
Alcohol has long been commonly referred to as a cause of cancer. To prevent cancer, avoiding alcohol consumption is the right step.

• Examine the risks because the offspring.
One of the causes of cancer derived from hereditary factors. If it is a parent or relative who suffers from cancer, the cancer is most likely also attacked by other members of the family. Because knowing there is not a family member who has ever been exposed to cancer is very important in an effort to prevent cancer.

• Avoid fatty foods.
Fat causes a lot of problems in the body. Included as a trigger for cancer. To prevent cancer, avoid fatty foods.

• Eat food rich in fiber.
Fruits and vegetables is a food rich in fiber. Reproduce the excellent food consumption to prevent cancer.

• Healthy sexual behaviour.
Not another couple in sex will also be an absolute way to prevent cancer because the incidence of cancer is also possible due to unhealthy sexual behaviors.

• Consumption of vitamins A, C and E.
Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E has antioxidant content that is useful to prevent cancer.

• Avoid food with dyes.
Many current food coloring mixed with substances to make it look attractive. Whereas the content of dye substances, which is very damaging to the body and can trigger cancer. To prevent cancer, you should try to avoid using food coloring. Food coloring substance use can be known from the color of the food looks much more interesting than the original color.