Nutrition and health benefits of carrot juice

Carrot is one of the vegetables that are popular all over the world. He was especially known for his vitamin A content is very high. Besides the price is very economical, carrots are one of the foods that are very beneficial to health. In addition to being used as part of the culinary, carrots are also widely consumed in the form of fresh or made juice.

Nutrients contained in a glass of carrot juice

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National nutrient database, a glass of carrot juice usually included:

• 94 calories
• 2.24 grams of protein
• 0.35 grams of fat
• 21.90 GR Carbs
• 1.90 grams of fibre
• 689 mg Potassium
• 20.1 mg vitamin C
• 0.217 mg thiamine
• 0.512 mg Vitamin B6
• 2.256 micrograms (μg) vitamin A
• 36.6 μg vitamin K

The content of nutrients in carrots

Drinking carrot juice is one of the simplest ways to make a wide range of minerals and vitamins are important in large numbers. This will of course be very conducive to our overall body health.
1.    Calories
A glass of carrot juice contains about 80 calories. Where your body needs about 2000 calories a day, so the benefits of carrot juice is to meet the needs of calories in the body by 4%.

2.    Vitamin A
The carrot is vegetables with vitamin A is very high. A glass of carrot juice has vitamin A that can meet the needs of the body daily about 340%, so consuming carrot juice every day is highly recommended.

3.    Vitamin B
Carrot juice is also the source of some of the vitamin B complex. 100 g fresh carrot juice supplies 0.01 milligrams of vitamin B1, which is essential for maintaining the body’s own nervous system and brain to function properly. While it also contains 0.02 milligrams of vitamin B2, which requires the body to maintain eye health and metabolism.

4.    Vitamin C
100 g carrot juice contains vitamin C as 3 milligrams, which is very important for the immune system.

5.    Vitamin E
In addition to the content of vitamin A, carrot juice also has vitamin E is good for the body. Where in 100 grams of carrot juice contains 0.3 milligrams of vitamin E. Benefits of carrot juice with vitamin E is to maintain the health of the cells of the body.

6.    Potassium
Potassium is an electrolyte that is important as well as badly needed by the body. In a glass of carrot juice daily can meet the needs of the body against the potassium of 18%.

7.    Iron
Iron is one of the substances that the body needs to support the agency’s powers. Where in a glass of carrot juice has an iron content of about 1.1 milligrams. To meet the daily needs of the body against iron amounted to 14%.

8.    Protein
One of the calories needed by the body is protein. According to Mayoclinic, 10% to 35% of the daily calories of the body states derived from proteins. In a glass of carrots contain only 1.3 grams, the low-calorie sources is good for the body.

9.    Fat
Fat is one of the makronutien that should not be too much diasup by the body. So in a glass of carrot juice contains only fat of 0.7 grams only.

10.    Carbohydrates
Most of the daily diet should be sufficient to 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates. A portion of cup of carrot juice only offers carbohydrates only 18 grams.

Benefits of carrot juice for health

1.    Good for skin healthIf you lack vitamin A, then you are likely to experience breakage and dryness of your hair, nails and skin. Because it has a high vitamin A content, carrot juice also helps to overcome the conditions psoriasis a

nd other dry skin problems

2.    Lowering cholesterol
The carrot is a good source of potassium. Usually people who eat low cholesterol diet consumes a high potassium. Therefore, the routine of eating carrot juice is able to help you keep cholesterol levels in your blood. Low cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3.    Strengthening the functions of the brain
Beta-carotene in carrot juice can strengthen your brain function and improve memory. Oxidative stress caused by air pollution and other factors can help to damage brain cells and nerve cells. These conditions are able to weaken nerve signals and reduce the cognitive function of the brain. Not only that, it is also useful to reduce the risk of dementia in line with the increase in age.
A study was carried out on 10 workers exposed to lead. They received 10 mg beta-carotene for 12 weeks. As a result, a group of workers who receive the absorption level Betakaroten lower oxidative stress. Therefore, drinking a glass of carrot juice daily are able to reduce the risk of damage to the brain and nerve cells due to oxidative stress.

4.    Good for pregnant and nursing mothers
Drinking carrot juice during pregnancy is very beneficial for you and your fetus. According to the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists (ACOG), pregnant and lactating women need 1,000 mg of calcium per day. The content of calcium, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and vitamin A can strengthen the bones of infants in the womb and prevent birth defects. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin A in carrot juice also acts as an antioxidant in pregnancy. Antioxidants protect the mother and fetus from exposure to free radicals and improves the immune system to be able to reduce the risk of infection.

5.    Reduce the risk of cancer
Cancer is certainly a disease that is dangerous and can be fatal. So you need to take advantage of carrot juice as a preventative. Some studies say that carrot juice is to develop the risk of cancer to reduce up to 50%. Some cancers that can be prevented by carrot juice, prostate cancer, urinary cancer, uterine cancer and colorectal cancer.

6.    Improving the digestive system
In a glass of carrot juice also contains soluble fiber that serves to initiate the digestive system. So the benefits of carrot juice for the body is to prevent or cope with a variety of gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, diarrhea and flatulence.

7.    Very good for eye health
Certainly the very popular carrot juice has advantages for maintaining the health of the eyes. Even if you put the word carrot, will immediately think about the health of your eyes. This is in fact the carrots contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is good for the body.
Benefits of carrot juice This is the content of beta-carotene found in it can be concentrated in the retina. So this link is useful to improve vision.
In addition, if the evening, beta-carotene, this will turn into vitamin A will then go into the retina Rhodopsin or some kind of substance that is necessary to support the vision at night.

8.    Meningkatakan liver function
By eating 2 to 3 glasses of carrot juice every day then it can mendetoksi liver. By eating the portion in carrot juice, it will neutralise the toxins on the bile that is purified by the body.

9.    Increase Appetite
If you consume carrot juice 20 minutes before eating, then it could help stimulate fluid secretion or search in the digestive system. So can then increase the appetite.