Egg shells for women's bone health

Surely they always eat eggs and discard the bowl. It turns out the change, the habit because the egg shell is calcium-rich like milk. 

Several scientific studies have reported that egg shells are so useful source of calcium. A 2003 review article mentioned in the International Journal of Clinical Farmacology Research, egg shell with high calcium is beneficial for every living being. In addition to calcium, other natural sources such as strontium and fluorine are also available.

 “The availability of calcium in the skin of the eggs numbers were very high. As for pigs tested when a food egg shell received a large intake of calcium carbonate,  “Bright researchers, reported from New York.
Certainly, the egg shells are very good when eaten by a woman. They are living beings who most need calcium for the health of the bones to increase their fertility. 
Moreover, modern women often have bone pain complaints due to heavy activity. With the consumption of egg shells, the agility and bone density can increase or stop pain that hurts.
 “Bone pain or even osteroporosis can be experienced by any woman. Therefore, this problem can be prevented by eating calcium rich foods  “he added. 
In addition to strengthening the bone, calcium is necessary to increase the strength of the teeth, improving the function of the brain, etc. Of course, this material can be given from children up to the age of older people. 
You can consume the eggs shell directly, but washed and removed first mucus remaining part in their eggs. This material can be processed by way of sautéed or cooked briefly to eliminate the smell of Amisnya only. 
Plus more studies that make these more useful research results. A study by Argentina, which was published last year in the International Journal of Food Science and nutrition, found the egg shells contain about two grams of calcium. People deawasa at least two grained egg shells that are already packaged in capsule supplements.  
Unique, in some advanced countries, the egg shells used as food ingredients food melezatkan powder. Usually fans that add these ingredients into bread, pizza or spaghetti. But when eaten, there is no change in the taste and texture a bit more rough.