8 health benefits of eating raw foods

There are many different types of diets that you probably know. Started by vegetarian, Mediterranean diet, Mayo, Ketogenik and much more. A lot of people, a special diet to lose weight. But more than that, the diet can also help eliminate depression.

As it known, stress is not properly managed depression can trigger and ultimately affect a person’s quality of life. Most people can choose to visit a psychiatrist to consult. But it turns out, does not give the consumed food effect, is much different.
Eating raw food is in fact not a new trend. But you can try it out, always some sake the health benefits. What is it?

Reduce the sugar.
Eat raw foods like fruits you will be able to control the consumption of sugar. In addition, raw foods contain more antioxidants, so that the body much more nutrients than snacks crackers or cookies.

Save time.
You have to bother to create the kitchen, of course if you want to consume raw foods. At night, enjoy such as a vegetable salad. Because the dinner is in fact recommended calorie portion is as big and not too small.

It’s cheaper.
Fruit and vegetables are bought, when the season definitely has a relatively lower price. So, if you want to zoom out in the manufacture of foods, increase your daily intake of raw foods.

Low CO2 emissions.
Fruits and vegetables, to reduce CO2 emissions. So, the food definitely is environmentally friendly. You should buy it from farmers directly instead of looking after a moment and in supermarkets in cans.

Raw food is a warming process of cooking experience. Vitamins and extensive gardens is so high. In addition, the lower the likelihood of toxic food and carcinogen or cause cancer if treated the cooking process.

Very tasty.
Cooked food is good, but the raw food has flavours that is so refreshing and natural. So raw food diet contains not only high but also delicious to enjoy.

Rich in enzymes.
The content of the natural enzymes in raw food digested easily through the body and friendly on the digestive system. If a healthy digestive system healthy also usually a part of the body in General.

Free of guilt.
Sometimes feels guilty after chew someone up a little donut. But not if you raw food. Since content is small, but his diet is relative calories from raw food so much. Becoming a raw food free of guilt, if the food in the middle of the diet program.
However, you should eat every day raw food and vegetarians. But try you get used, consumption of raw foods a – up to twice a week in order to maintain the health of the body.